PARALELY – 2015.07.08
Ídea výstavy PARALELY vznikla na základe série výstav o slávnych vilách Great Villas. Tento výber prezentuje tie majstrovské diela, ktoré
PARALLELS exhibition
The Parallels exhibition was born as the reinterpretation of the former Great Villas exhibition, which represented the outstanding villa architecture
International Architect Congress 2015
7th March 2015, Saturday Budapest, Castle Bazaar and the Royal Gardens 7th March 2015, Saturday Budapest, Castle Bazaar and the
Architects’ Regatta, 2014
photos by Gergely Besenyei You can find the website here, and the photos about the event. “The first sailing club
Hudec Memorial Meeting, 2014
  videos from the Hudec Memorial Meeting’s speeches Hudec Memorial Meeting – Opening Ceremony Hudec Memorial Meeting – László Kövér

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Short project description

Our architectural cooperation founded in 2008 intends to present those examples of the Great Villas and Sacral Places exhibitions, which are parallel to Asian masterpieces, such as the buildings of László Hudec in Shanghai. The aim of the planned range of events is to highlight these parallelisms. For these purposes the founders of the Visegrad 4 Architectural Cooperation are establishing the Visegrad 4 Architectural Foundation, supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

Detailed project description

These days when both the economical and the cultural cooperation between Asia and Europe is getting more and more significant, the Visegrad Countries became primal bases of the intercontinental collaboration due to their traditions of language, culture and history originated in the past century. The means of this dialogue is music, architecture as well as the arts where we can find our common roots – let us think of the pentatony, our lingual particularities, or our folklore. As we re-explore these values, we recognise, that in the beginning of the 20th century we had several special individuals, public figures, artists and engineers, like László Hudec, whose lifework is considered as the common cultural treasure of Asia, Europe and the Visegrad countries as well. The aim of this range of exhibition and forum is to cultivate our common cultural treasures and the promotion of those values that they enriched through their work for the universal human virtues and the approximation of the different cultures. This process is represented by the Great Villas exhibitions initiated in 2008, which displays the villa architecture of the past 100 years, as well as the Sacral Places exhibition, bearing our common cultural identity.

“Visegrad feature” of your project

Such powerful and coherent artistic as well as architectural values were provided by our common cultural roots at the turn of the century, that their impact reached throughout Asia. Our aim is to promote this passage throughout the world. The above mentioned progress was represented by the Great Villas series started in 2008, which elaborated the villa architecture of the past 100 years in the Visegrad countries, as well as the Sacral Places project, which focused on the bearer of the common cultural identity.

Target groups and groups benefiting from the project

The target groups of the project are the following:
– architects’ offices
– city governors
– city developers
– universities
– artists

Project Partners

– Ernő Kálmán (past president of Association of Hungarian Architects)
– Jozef Istenes (past vice president of SAS)
– Jerzy Jacek Grochulski (past president of SARP, UIA council member)
– Oleg Haman (past president of OBEC Architectu)

Partner Organization

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